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Results driven ground breaking technology

Based extensive experience in developing mobile applications and constructive feedback from hundreds of students we build the next generation learning app.

Our app offers a personalized approach to vocabulary learning, allowing students to choose the specific words they want to learn. This approach ensures that students are learning the vocabulary that is most relevant and useful to their studies and goals, rather than being forced to learn a bulk set of words that may not be as applicable to their needs.


Instant results for students

The eltepi learning algorithm is designed to help you learn efficiently and effectively.

As you progress through your studies, the algorithm will increase the complexity of the content to keep things interesting and challenging.

This personalized approach ensures that learning with eltepi is both effective and engaging, helping you stay motivated and on track to succeed

Clear feedback and progress information

The eltepi learning app provides clear feedback on your progress within a learning unit, helping you track your progress and plan your learning.

The app also helps you refresh previously learned content to ensure that your knowledge stays fresh and up-to-date. This comprehensive approach helps you stay organized and motivated as you work towards your learning goals.


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Customized Vocabulary Learning

Build your own customized vocabulary decks with eltepi and take control of your language learning journey!

Accelerated Content Creation

Save time and improve your language skills with eltepi's personalized vocabulary learning content

Social Learning

Join the eltepi community and grow together! Your learning benefits not only you, but also helps improve the app for all students!

Efficient Learning

Experience efficient learning algorithm and achieve your goals with up to 60% less repetition than traditional methods

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