Social Learning


Join the eltepi community and grow together! Your learning benefits not only you, but also helps improve the app for all students.

At eltepi, we believe that learning is a social activity, and we've designed our app to reflect that belief. When students create content and learn new vocabulary, they not only benefit themselves, but they also help to train the eltepi learning engine to accelerate content creation for all students.

This means that if one student creates a learning card and successfully learns it, the eltepi learning engine will learn this content as well. When the next student comes along and is looking to add the same content to their learning collection, it will be suggested to them, saving them time and effort.

In this way, each student's learning journey helps to support and enhance the learning of their peers, and the collection of supported languages will grow and expand over time. So why wait? Join the eltepi community today and start benefiting from the collective knowledge and experience of your fellow learners!