Gamified Learning


Enjoy fun, distraction-free learning with eltepi - the app designed to make language learning engaging and interactive

At eltepi, we understand that learning can sometimes be boring or tedious, which is why we've designed our app to make learning fun again. By carefully incorporating key elements of games into the learning experience, we've created an engaging and interactive way for students to learn new vocabulary.

We also recognize that students today face a lot of interruptions and distractions, which is why we've made the decision not to use push notifications or third-party ads, such as zombie shooters, in our app. Our focus is on creating a safe and appropriate learning environment for children, and we strive to keep our app and content free from unnecessary distractions.

With eltepi, you can enjoy a fun and engaging learning experience without the interruptions that often come with modern technology. Try it out today and see how our approach to learning can make a difference in your language learning journey!